Trouble Brewing … what’s it all about?

And my new novel, Trouble Brewing. Drink up!
And my new novel, Trouble Brewing. Drink up!


For sixteen generations the gifted Shakespeare women have known how their lives will turn out—and not just because they’re psychic, but because in their family certain things are destined.

Firstly, Shakespeare women will work in the family business of potions and predictions. It is destined.

And also, Shakespeare women will have only one true love. It is destined.

And finally, when you’re dealing with a long line of redheaded witches and hundreds of years of history… well you don’t argue with what is destined.

Which makes life difficult for this latest generation.

In London, Calypso Shakespeare knows the women of her clan only have one true love … Problem is, Calypso’s came and went and didn’t work out too well. She doesn’t need a crystal ball to see that she’ll never love again. Even her gift of mixing magical cocktails can’t help heal her own bruised heart.

Instead she concentrates on concocting potions that help other people find love. A dash of this, a pinch of that, a nip of liquor, muddle with flower petals … and then part the veils and cast a spell. Calypso’s supernatural services are in demand everywhere. It’s the perfect life for a wanderer like Calypso.

Calypso drifts between bars in Paris and Vienna, and her own tiny Cauldron in the basement of her parents’ haunted London pub. She’s regularly on the road or at her Cornwall cottage harvesting herbs and checking her distillery. She’s never in one place for long. Certainly not long enough to date. Calypso’s future is clear: Cocktails and travel. And that’s just fine.

That is until Taran Dee shows up and Calypso finds she has real trouble brewing.

How will this gorgeous redhead merge the myths of her magical family, with her modern life?  Find out in BOOK 2 of the fabulous new Shakespeare Sisters Series.


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