Want love? Drink this witchy brew

First choice for all good witches
First choice for all good witches

Binding someone to you in love doesn’t need to be too much toil and trouble. No need to hover over a cauldron and sacrifice small amphibians. The uninitiated should never cast a love spell and expect a positive response—spell energy returns to sender three-fold, and it’s not always pleasant.

Instead, to win someone’s heart, crack open a bottle of the Italian herbal liqueur, Strega … literally translated as WITCH.

The liqueur itself packs a punch at 40%, with 70 different herbs including Ceylon cinnamon, Florentine iris, Italian Apennine juniper, Samnite mint, and saffron, which gives the drink a happy yellow hue. It’s a great winter tipple, and also fabulous to pour over desserts.

Strega is the stuff of legends. Distilled in Benevento, Italy, a town famous as the meeting place for all the witches of the world. It was at one of these witchy meetings that Strega came into being, devised as a drink that would tie lovers together forever.

The secret to any love spell is this—both parties must be willing participants. Early on in our relationship, I bought my guy a bottle of Strega. Then, as I poured him a glass, I told him tales of Benevento, the witches, and the power of the titillating tipple.

“Drink this and we’ll be bound in love for lifetimes.”

“How many?”

“I don’t know. A few. Want it or not?”

He did. He tossed it back with a wink. And every year since, on our anniversary, we share another shot. The poor bugger has no chance of escape now.

So all you would-be witches … don’t meddle in magic. Instead, call upon the spirits for some help with your love life, and make that spirit Strega.

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The drink for lovers!
The drink for lovers!


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