My books are featured on Mums Lounge


Mum’s Lounge contributor Jane Tara has what she calls “SchizoPENia. “I find it impossible to stick to one genre when writing. While most writers have a ‘voice’ … I have a few … my pen name should be Sybil.”

While she’s a travel blogger and runs Itchee Feet, a children’s travel publishing company by day, at night another writers’ personality is unleashed and she writes magical romantic comedies. The first two books in her new Shakespeare Sisters series have just been released by Pan Macmillan’s digital imprint, Momentum Books.
Forecast and Trouble Brewing follow the loves and lives of the psychic Shakespeare women. The books blend romance, travel, heartbreak and humour, with lashings of magic. Trouble Brewing even has some pretty amazing cocktail recipes in it …

Want to read the rest? Go to Mums Lounge. And while you’re there, have a look around. It’s a great site.

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