Hit a declutter slump? 5 top tips for getting through it.

So you’ve thrown a few things out, organised a drawer or two, but now you’re feeling the pressure. Either time, or your baggage is stressing you out and you don’t want to declutter every day. In fact… you think you’ll rebel.

“Bugger you Jane! I like clutter. I don’t need change.”

That’s me talking to myself, but you might be saying something similar. The further along you get this month, the harder it will be. But this is a great exercise. You have the universe on the line now. So let that higher power know, loud and clear:


Here are 5 top tips for getting through the slump:

  1. It’s important to do something each day, but that can be as little as five minutes. It’s not the amount of time you put in, it’s what you toss out.
  2. If you’re really overwhelmed do a week of decluttering things that don’t mean anything to you: the fridge, the pantry, a folder of bills.
  3. Do your daily declutter early. Get in, throw out, get on with your day. You’ll feel the benefits.
  4. Dance while you declutter. I put together a playlist here.
  5. Each time you go to toss something you think you still need or want (but know you don’t) breathe. It’s just a thing. As you let it go, think about what will replace it.


2 thoughts on “Hit a declutter slump? 5 top tips for getting through it.

  • January 11, 2015 at 10:18 pm

    A slump? Um… Not quite. #sheepishsmile #guiltyashell
    I must confess, that the past couple of days I had been distracted with life.
    Before falling is a sleep induced coma at the end of the day, I would curse to myself, because I had forgotten to turf something out. Crap, can’t fail now, anything will do, as long as it is out!
    Old make up wipes left piling in my make up tray, be gone!!!
    A mascara that was past its use by date, be gone!!!
    Today, in just my singlet and undies, I was off (in more ways than one), determined to make up for my piss poor attempt for the past couple of days.
    Favourite weave bag, that had a broken handle (I had to keep it because I LOVE it) = GONE!
    Handbag, that I am not currently using = EMPTIED!
    Old straighter that hasn’t worked in a year and a half (but it was my first GHD) = GONE!
    Out of date sunscreen (um… 2011, who would have thought that sunscreen had a use by date?!?) = GONE!
    Plus a few other bits and bobs…
    I am loving this journey, except when my hubby offers to help… I then become this crazed, don’t touch my shit, I want it ALL, I need it all, psycho person!
    #retreathubby #thisismyjourney #iloveyoujanetara

    • January 12, 2015 at 8:40 pm

      Ish, I’m am beyond proud of you. Amazing amazing work. And seriously… that’s all you need to be doing each day… don’t even attempt to clear under the bed yet LOL… this is about creating a habit. If you’re remembering it each day and dragging your arse outta bed to throw something out, no matter how minor, you are forging new neural pathways in the brain. THAT is where the change takes place. You can’t intellectualise change… you need to physically do it. You are also shouting out to the universe… “Oi, look, I’m changing here, now you help me.” Great work babe. Go to the newsletter subscription box on the home page and sign up. I’m going to send through the occasional list of tips etc. And be gentle on the hubster. LOL!


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