This is how I write (when my kids aren’t around)


This is how I write:

I write for fourteen hour stretches… but in short spurts.

Fourteen hours is a glorious luxury I rarely have with four boys around.

I write a bit… and reward myself with a break… a dream break I call it… time to feed my dreams.

I dream of living in Europe again…

So I write… and take a break… I check out rental apartments in Vienna.

I write more… and then look at rentals in Budapest…

I write again… and then I look at neighbourhoods… and schools.

When I’m writing, I’m dreaming… the two go hand in hand.

I pace the house a lot. I stare at my empty pantry. I haven’t had time to shop. I’m not that hungry anyway. Those taco shells will be fine.

I stretch… and then back to it…

I write… more, more, more… I get a lot done.

And then I look at real estate in Prague.


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