What’s Roadmance?

Roadmance is…

Travelling the world… running away… or towards something.

Falling in love… or out of love… with yourself, or someone else.

Packing light and taking off… Life is about letting the baggage go.

Making discoveries, big and small… every day.

Laughing, living, loving and letting go…

It’s about the journey women take… The road you’re on.

And being present… right now…

Every single moment is an adventure. Your adventure. Don’t forget that.

If life is a journey, then make yours a roadmance.

What is the Roadmance genre. Books should:

  • Take the reader on a journey, both geographically and internally.
  • Have a strong female protagonist.
  • Be fiction or non-fiction.
  • Have a good dose of romance, but that can mean a journey where the character grows to love themselves.

Stay tuned for my Roadmance series, coming soon.































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