Meet Jane

Welcome! You might be here because you’ve read my novels and want to know more about me. If so, thank you so much for taking the time.

I’m a passionate traveller, certified bookworm, lover of wine, coffee and, most of all, front row cheerleader for my two sons.

I’ve published over one hundred children’s books, a number of plays, and five novels. I’m the marketing manager at Australia’s largest book review community, Better Reading. Drop by and say hi on Facebook.

Peak Hour at Lake Bled 

I’ve lived in Tokyo, Vienna, London, New York and various parts of Australia… I’m never happier than when I have one small bag and I’m travelling.

My favourite places: Sydney, Tokyo. Slovenia is wonderful. Cambodia.

Travel tip: Travel light.

Anything Else?

I read a lot. I’m a history buff. I’m obsessed with female travelers from the Victorian era (geek alert). I meditate and do yoga. I’ve been doing yoga for about twenty years, and currently practising ki-yoga, which I love. I meditate daily.

I hate cooking. I don’t belong in the kitchen. Ever.

I am blessed with incredible friends, especially female friends. I am tottering distance to my two best friends, and weekly wine sessions.

I’m a single mum with super powers. Just ask my sons. The three of us live in a rough around the edges semi in Bondi Beach, Sydney. My kids are older now. Indy is a musician and was fortunately born without the embarrassment gene – seriously, nothing embarrasses him, which is great because I spend a lot of time dancing at his gigs. Rafferty is still at school and is the responsible one.

I love hearing from my readers, so don’t be a stranger. Contact me via social media or email.

Every day is an adventure. A journey. Laugh a lot. Love ferociously. Travel light… and enjoy.

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