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Welcome to my blog! You might be here because you’ve read my novels and want to know more about me. If so, thank you so much for taking the time. So who am I?

The Writer

I have what I call SchizoPENia. I find it impossible to stick to one genre when writing. While most writers have a ‘voice’ … I have a few … my pen name should be Sybil.

I’m a published author of over twenty children’s picture books, a number of plays, and a couple of novels. By day, I run Itchee Feet, a children’s travel publishing company with my partner Dominique.

At night another voice is unleashed and I write magical romantic comedies. The first two books in my Shakespeare Sisters series have just been released by Pan Macmillan/Momentum Books.

Forecast and Trouble Brewing follow the loves and lives of the psychic Shakespeare women. The books blend romance, travel, heartbreak and humour, with lashings of magic. Trouble Brewing even has some pretty amazing cocktail recipes in it.

Book three in the Shakespeare Sisters series is Hamlet’s Ghost. It’s a prequel to Trouble Brewing, but like all my novels can be read as a standalone. Also, read my Christmas book, The Happy Endings Book Club… not just at Christmas but all year round. It’s the journey of seven women searching for happiness, and finding it through a shift in perception.

Peak Hour at Lake Bled The Traveler

I’ve travelled the world. I’ve lived in Tokyo, Vienna, London, New York, Taipei and various parts of Australia… It has been a joyous, tough, incredible journey of self-discovery. I’m never happier than when I have one small bag and I’m travelling.

I formed Itchee Feet as a way of sharing my love of travel with children. I’m dusting off another old idea of mine, and bringing it to life. Roadmance Books will be a series of books I publish that merge my love of travel, self-discovery and romance…

My favorite places: Sydney, Tokyo, Paris. Slovenia is wonderful. Cambodia.

Last countries visited: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia.

Next trip will be: Vietnam.

Travel tip: Travel light. Travel with carry-on only.

Dinner in Venice
Dinner in Venice 

The Mother & Lover

I love love… I’m happy in love. I’m surrounded by love: my friends, my family, my gloriously feral kids… and my guy.

My partner Dominique and I have four boys. Life is crazy busy, but rich and rewarding. We don’t have a TV. Instead, we have a music room. Our lives revolve around music. All the boys play instruments. They’re in various bands. We love throwing BBQs where all our friends play music. I’m known for my rather questionable interpretive dancing skills and bad piano accordion playing. If we were all stuck on a desert island and survival was based on musical abilities, I would be eaten first.

Our 4 boys, collectively known as RIOT
Our 4 boys, collectively known as RIOT

Anything Else?

I read a lot. I’m a history buff. I’m obsessed with female travelers from the Victorian era (geek alert). I go walking with a friend a couple of times a week. I meditate and do yoga. I’ve been doing yoga for about twenty years, and currently practising ki-yoga, which I love.

I hate cooking. I don’t belong in the kitchen. I do like making cocktails and salads though.

I love hearing from my readers, so don’t be a stranger.

Every day is an adventure. A journey. Laugh a lot. Love ferociously. Travel light… and enjoy.

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