Romantic Times gave Forecast 41/2 stars:


RT Book Reviews said this when Forecast was first released.

A breezy, lighthearted romance by an author who knows her New Age and alternative philosophies, this one will put a smile on your face. Tara makes the paranormal normal and the happily-ever-afters seem like destiny. Wonderful characters and a well-crafted story arc make this a recipe for a beautiful weekend.

Rowie Shakespeare is the go-to person for a reliable weather forecast in her Greenwich Village neighborhood. Even the cops drop by to pick up her predictions, which are posted outside Second Site, the family’s new age store. Rowie grew up in the store, with her grandmother as manager and her mother as resident ethereal mystic, but she’d really like a life of her own.

Drew Henderson is the very scientific TV weatherman whose ratings are really high because he’s really hot. When he is injured covering a hurricane, the studio, in a panic for
a temporary replacement, decides to go with a gimmick — a psychic weatherwoman. Add to this potpourri some zany co-workers, friends, clients, agents and producers, and you have a perfect storm of a romance.

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