A beautiful woman … my muse


I saw a stunning woman today. I was driving through Edgecliff and she was waiting for a bus. She was slim and dressed in black pants and boots, a black turtleneck, with a men’s style vest over the top. She was about seventy, with shoulder length grey hair, topped off with a grey Fedora.

She stood still, with poise. She was simply magnetic. Beside her was one of those portable-shopping trolleys, in red.

I’d been struggling all week with a story. I couldn’t quite visualise the character, her tale wasn’t clear. It was there, circling my brain, but the light bulb hadn’t gone off.

Until I saw this beautiful woman …

In a flash, the whole story came to me. I was inspired.

She no doubt got on the bus and went home, completely unaware of the impact she had on me, or that she is now my muse, and a character in my next book.




One thought on “A beautiful woman … my muse

  • July 15, 2013 at 3:37 pm

    I like this idea of a double delight. It’s something I need to look for more consciously in my own life.


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