Travel Light: January

Welcome to your January challenge. For the rest of the month you are going to declutter your life. Clutter drains your energy. It blocks you. It’s baggage you don’t need.

Show the universe you’re serious

You think you want to change your life, right? You can think all you want, but unless you put those thoughts into action, nothing will happen. It’s like getting the universe on the line to place an order, but not giving over your credit card details. That order won’t go through. It will never arrive.

Start changing your life & your life will change.

So every day for the rest of this month, clear the energy around you. Organize something. Throw something out. Every day. Even if you’re really busy, find time to toss something.

Sound scary? Good. We need to travel through the discomfort zone before arriving at destination Change. It’s part of the journey. But that doesn’t mean we need to dive head first into a decluttering session where we toss out everything we hold dear to us including dear ole Granny’s silverware. Let’s start small this week.

Here are some decluttering ideas that will keep even the most commited hoarders from running for the hills. Declutter:

  • Your purse
  • Your handbags
  • A cutlery drawer
  • Your underwear drawer
  • Unsubscribe from five newsletters (not mine… subscribe to that one)
  • Clean up your computer desktop

I’m in this with you. I just threw out all my ratty knickers and bras. I feel free! I have nothing to wear under a skirt now, but I’m decluttering.

Here’s my next project.

My desktop is out of control!
My desktop is out of control!

So start decluttering. One thing a day. Start small. It should only take a few minutes of your day. And don’t forget to share with us how you’re going. While decluttering shifts negative energy, sharing with a group of like-minded people promotes positive energy. And we want more of that this year.



6 thoughts on “Travel Light: January

  • January 6, 2015 at 12:11 pm

    okay… Eagerly I opened the link for this transformation process to commence and my stomach sunk… Crap, you mean I have to get rid of things? First thought… I wish I didn’t clean out my wardrobe last week, I could have made it through the whole month of January for this challenge, with what I threw out then… BUM!
    Ok, I can do this. I felt so good when I ‘decluttered’ the wardrobe although my hubby came home and said “is this it decluttered?”
    Yikes, maybe I am in denial! At least one a day is your challenge?
    #sweating #heartracing #drymouth #feelingof dread

    If anyone is looking for me, I will be crawled up in the fetal position under my bed, clutching the broken shoes that are beyond repair, won’t be fixed, that I brought in NZ in 2007, that mean the world to me, because THEY NEED TO GO! My January goal…
    Excuse me now, please, as I need to go and lie down.

    • January 6, 2015 at 9:44 pm

      Oh Ish… I was thinking of you when I posted it, after you’d left that comment about hoarding. But if you can get through this imagine the shifts! You’re already in the discomfort zone… change is happening. Woohoo. But start small. Don’t go near the wardrobe. Try the cutlery drawer or something. And honey… toss the shoes. Once broken, gotta go.

      • January 6, 2015 at 10:10 pm

        Took it easy today… Started with my bedside table, top drawer and top…
        Feeling pathetic but am pacing myself as there are a lot of other days to get through yet!
        So, I did my bikini line today, I suppose that is a decluttering process in itself. LOL
        #feelingoptimistic #loveyoujanetara

        • January 6, 2015 at 11:37 pm

          If your bikini line is anything like mine then that is a mammoth job. 😉 This isn’t just decluttering… it’s about clearing the list of things we keep putting off. One thing every day Ish until you feel you can handle doing under the bed. LOL! BTW… My bedside top drawer is often the place I start. xo

  • January 6, 2015 at 1:25 pm

    What a great start to 2015! The desktop is clear, subscriptions have been canceled, and the underwear drawer now requires a shopping trip. Eventually. Also – unnecessary apps deleted off my phone. Good luck with your desktop! 😉

    • January 6, 2015 at 9:42 pm

      Fantastic effort… and that’s just day 1! Now for day 2…


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