Romantic Times gives Forecast 41/2 stars:

“A breezy, lighthearted romance by an author

who knows her New Age and alternative

 philosophies, this one will put a smile on

your face. Tara makes the paranormal normal

 and the happily-ever-afters seem like destiny.

Wonderful characters and a well-crafted

 story arc make this a recipe for a

 beautiful weekend.”



This novel is both funny and heart-wrenching. Rowie is an adorable character, with enough feistiness and pragmatism to offset the flakiness usually associated with psychics or witches.  Drew is definitely human, with many flaws but also wonderful traits.  The world of psychics and family love was explored and challenged, with an intriguing and wonderful ending.  It was enjoyable and exciting to read their story!–Reviewed by Rista Tompkins: Rating: 4 1/2


Forecast is a lovely read! The characters are funny, strange in an enchanting way, and exciting enough that you want to keep reading and see how it all evolves. In between the romance are surprising scenes about the female Shakespeare’s experiences with mermaid energy, Selkie lovers, their dead relatives, exquisite fairies and more. It’s all presented, however, without the usual “weird” style and high drama and all the more effective in Jane Tara’s charming presentation.

I foresee that anyone who enjoys an unpredictable, romantic story is going to love this novel! — Reviewed by Viviane Crystal on August 7, 2007


There are some great secondary characters in Forecast. I particularly liked Jess, the tough producer who is infatuated with Drew and wants to believe so much in a future between them. As for Rowie’s family, they are excellent side characters who have their own little romances and action going on. Forecast is a feel good story where you want the two would be lovers together. The ending is sweet and exactly as it should be. True romantics will not be disappointed in this book.


Jane Tara’s debut novel is so good, I’ve read it twice! It features a cast of wonderful, zany characters and leaves you with a big grin on your face… Okay, I get on a high if I like I book and Forecast, did that and more! It’s such a refreshing read! I’m not usually a huge fan of characters who dabble in the clairvoyancy, psychic readings etc but I was hooked from the beginning. The heroine, Rowena Shakespeare, is so likeable that you want her to have a happy ending and the hero, Drew Henderson, is just the guy to make that ending very happy! And he’s mega sexy too!

It’s hard describing the book without giving to much away but, if you like a great story with a whole bunch of wonderful characters (including Rowena’s best friends and family and Drew’s co-workers) and don’t mind a bit of a paranormal twist, do yourself a favour and read it!


Australian author Jane Tara’s debut novel, FORECAST is a delightfully funny, entertaining, feel-good romance, blending paranormal elements in such a fresh, natural way that you find yourself accepting conversations with ghosts as perfectly normal.


I really liked FORECAST. The secondary characters add appeal to the novel. Suspense, romance and a few ghosts add up to an enthralling story. Do not miss it! I highly recommend FORECAST.


This is an amusing New Age romance with whimsical fantasy elements to enhance the tale. In many ways FORECAST is an updated version of Bell, Book, and Candle, but has a freshness of its own due to the weather predicting “rivalry” between the psychic and the scientist. Jane Tara provides a charming entertaining tale of love amidst TV meteorology ratings that this reviewer predicts will gain the author many appreciative fans.


This is a great debut, filled with interesting characters with family issues many of us have also faced, and with just the right amount of humor. Ms. Tara is off to a great start, and I’m looking forward to seeing what she comes up with next. This one’s earned four of Cupid’s five arrows.


Forecast is a fun contemporary romance with a psychic influence. Rowie finds Drew, the man who her gifts can’t read, and knows they belong together. As stubborn as they are, it may take a miracle to keep them on the right path. Ms. Tara does a beautiful job on her debut novel. It’s well-detailed, realistic, and the paranormal aspect adds to an already delightful romance. A great book to curl up with.


Quirky humor highlights this breezy, easy to read story that gives you a Shakespeare who is not over anyone’s head. Small town life is captured well by Ms. Tara’s prose, and though very imaginative, her plot does have the quality of not being so out there that you can’t conceive of it as plausible. –Amanda Killgore/Huntress Reviews


At heart, FORECAST is a lighthearted romance full of humor, romance, and enjoyable characters. FORECAST is extremely charming and was easy to read in one sitting.


I enjoyed the premise of Forecast and all the fun that went along with it. Everything came together and the twists kept me guessing and kept everything lighthearted when it very easily could have become maudlin. I predict a winner for Ms. Tara with this delightful book.


… FORECAST is a contemporary romance with a dash of magic, and a heaping helping of fun… From the first page to the last, author Jane Tara proves that she knows how to deliver up a lively, fresh story and fill it with characters who come vividly to life.  Romance, magic, and loads of fun fill the pages of FORECAST, and readers are in for a delightful read.  I highly recommend this charming book.


Forecast provides an entertaining look at the collision between science and metaphysics.  While no one but Rowie can accurately predict the weather, most readers will be able to predict the happy outcome of this fun contemporary paranormal romance.


If Jane Tara’s whimsical debut, Forecast, is any indication of where this debut author will be going, it is up, up, up — to the very top of a reader’s auto-buy list.

Forecast is a sweet, amusing little love fest, really, because everyone from Rowie’s grandmother to her two best friends fall in love, and the plot is a wonderfully weird medley of cosmically-destined events.


Author Jane Tara has penned a delightful story about a special young woman and the regular guy who falls for her in Forecast. Its tone is reminiscent of a screwball comedy (especially when Rowie gets to the TV station), but does not have any forced humor. The characters are very likeable and believable. It is the perfect escape read from the lingering winter.


A 5 Star Review!

Forecast is a delightful spoof on weathermen, love and psychic phenomena.

This book made me laugh. There is no greater compliment I can give to a book that is written in this tongue-in-cheek manner. The characters jump off the pages and the scenarios are unique. Yes, you have to suspend belief and accept that these people think they talk to dead people and see auras and have powers that most normal folks would laugh at. But they are believable. There are a few secondary story lines about Gwen, Lilia and Rowie’s best friend Angel. Angel is an Aussie who can only be described as a hoot.

Forecast is one of those books that I didn’t think I would like when I read the cover and kept putting off reading. Now that I have, I can only hope that I will go back to it when I need a chuckle. I also hope you can still find it. I would hate to think you missed out on the fun.


I just finished Jane Tara’s Forecast and I must say that I did enjoy it! It had some very humorous moments that made me laugh a little out loud and definitely kept me smiling… It’s a pretty magical book.


Drew Henderson, the weather guy at USBC TV station, has a problem. While covering a hurricane in Florida he is injured and laid up in the hospital. The station is faced with a problem as well. They have to have someone do the weather segment of the evening news. Rowie Shakespeare, a resident astrologer, is hired and the ratings go through the roof. When Drew gets out, he has a major dilemma: how can he get his job back? He also falls for the new weather lady. Jane Tara has written a novel that is fun and a delightful romance tale.

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