Meet Jane

Welcome! You might be here because you’ve read my novels and want to know more about me. If so, thank you so much for taking the time.

I’m a passionate traveller, certified bookworm, lover of wine, coffee and, most of all, front row cheerleader for my two sons.

I have what I call SchizoPENia. I find it impossible to stick to one genre when writing. While most writers have a ‘voice’ … I have a few … my pen name should be Sybil.

I’ve published over seventy children’s books, a number of plays, and five novels. By day, I write children’s books under the name Jane Hinchey. At night another voice is unleashed and I write magical romantic comedies and a genre I call roadmance… romance on the road.

Peak Hour at Lake Bled 

I’ve travelled the world. I’ve lived in Tokyo, Vienna, London, New York and various parts of Australia… I spent 13 years overseas, and 5 nomadic years wandering the world with my older son Indy. It has been a joyous, tough, incredible journey of self-discovery. I’m never happier than when I have one small bag and I’m travelling. Although I’m now based in Sydney, I still regularly take flight. In 2018, I took my younger son, Rafferty out of school and we spent three months exploring Japan. Things hold very little meaning for me–it’s all about experiences. And that’s where I spend my money.

My favorite places: Sydney, Tokyo, Paris. Slovenia is wonderful. Cambodia.

Next trip planned: Poland, Austria and the UK.

Travel tip: Travel light.

Anything Else?

I read a lot. I’m a history buff. I’m obsessed with female travelers from the Victorian era (geek alert). I meditate and do yoga. I’ve been doing yoga for about twenty years, and currently practising ki-yoga, which I love.

I hate cooking. I don’t belong in the kitchen. Ever.

I am blessed with incredible friends, especially female friends. I am tottering distance to my two best friends, and weekly wine sessions.

I’m a single mum with super powers. Just ask my sons. The three of us live in a rough around the edges semi in Bondi Beach, Sydney. My kids are older now. Indy is a musician and was fortunately born without the embarrassment gene – seriously, nothing embarrasses him, which is great because I spend a lot of time dancing at his gigs. Rafferty is still at school and is the responsible one.

I also work at Better Reading… check out our page and book reviews.

I love hearing from my readers, so don’t be a stranger. Contact me via social media or email.

Every day is an adventure. A journey. Laugh a lot. Love ferociously. Travel light… and enjoy.

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